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Dubuque Website Design, SEO, Digital Marketing and Business Coaching

Creating engaging digital content to expand your online business. Helping you grow your social media presence and outreach. Personal marketing strategies. Business coaching to get you and your business on the right track.

Building your website is a large part of what it means to have an online business presence, and we take this part very seriously. We are passionate about helping small business get noticed.

The demand for a strong website is only getting higher. This will not change as more and more business are being run online. But our company focuses on more than just building websites.

With us, you can increase your SEO rankings and receive reports detailing those rankings. This will show you how important content and website development can be to moving up past your competitors.

Part of this is website security. We offer monitoring services to prevent malware injection and people tampering with your website. We want to make sure your business is protected and successful.

We also offer complete hosting solutions which allow us to monitor server updates, ensure fast server response times, and to make sure you website is visible.

We understand that having page load speeds and having your site up is very important to your business. Let us monitor and keep your site up to date.

Website Design

Have you ever searched for a type of business, only to find in your research that they don’t have a website? Does that make you more or less likely to consider that business when you choose where to go?

In today’s computer culture, websites are crucial to displaying a company’s products or services. Consumers are a click or finger tap away from everything. The first point of contact many businesses have with their customers is their online marketing.

The impression that possible clients or customers develop while visiting your website or mobile apps determines whether they will choose your business or move on to someone else. With a strong web page, which showcases your talents, services, and products, you can engage potential customers.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In the process of creating an engaging website, we try to answer one question: Can your customers find you? In industry terms: Is your website optimized to provide information that Google or Yahoo, or Bing, or Siri can find.

Search Engine Optimization is the practice of creating and editing your online content to cater to the algorithms, or “spiders,” that these search engines use. “Spiders” crawl your website to decide whether the information on your website is accurate and reliable. Then they rank your website against the websites of your competitors.

Having optimized content helps to keep you on the first page. Search Engine Optimization is continuously evolving, and we make sure our methods change with it.

We include Google Local listings* and keyword analysis to every website we create. We then use the advanced SEO techniques and strategies to grow traffic to your website through the use of relevant keywords and content.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is one of the fastest and newest ways to market your business. Just like SEO, effective marketing techniques are evolving very quickly.

It can be hard to decide if you should use Google Adwords or Facebook Marketing or email marketing campaigns to advertise your business.

Our goal is to help you narrow down your demographics by asking these questions: Who are your customers? Where is the best place to reach them online? To what type of marketing do/will they respond best?

From there, we will help you build advertisements and strategies to reach your audience. We can help you build your ads, target email marketing, create listings, and even design your promotions for maximum attraction.

Of all of our elements, we enjoy helping our clients with customer acquisition and engagement the most. All of our design, SEO, and content efforts drive to marketing and growth.

Our Dubuque Team

Our website design company is located in Dubuque, Iowa. We love being based in Eastern Iowa. We have started by helping businesses from Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, Waterloo, Des Moines, Davenport, Moline, and Dubuque, and plan to continue doing so.

We take a lot of pride in support Iowa communities and local businesses. As much as possible we like to focus on face-to-face interaction and honesty.

It is our belief that each business has a character and culture all its own. The beauty is in the differences, which we embrace. There is no cookie-cutter experience with us. You can be sure that your service with UV Design will meet your business’s unique needs.

Carl is the technical brain behind the company. He is experienced in WordPress, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP coding. Basically, he knows his stuff. He has several years of experience working in customer service and tech support for several hosting platforms.

What started as a project became a passion. He enjoys creating websites that are visually appealing, but really loves to make your site clean and efficient. He focuses his energy on making sure your site loads quickly and keeps your potential visitors engaged.

He has spent several years developing expertise in online marketing techniques and learning about every aspect of building an online presence.

Riley’s domain is written content and visitor engagement. Riley specializes in writing content and employing the most recent SEO strategies, all while targeting your audience. Nobody wants their content to be dry and unreadable.

With a background in psychology, she has the ability to adapt to your target audience. This will help keep visitors on your site, encourage them to visit other pages, and guide them to contact your company.

Her style adapts to your target audience while maintaining SEO theory and understanding the human element in technology.