Midwest Drone Battle

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Midwest Drone Battle is an annual drone showcase in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Midwest Drone Battle first started in 2015.  They show how fun and safe drones can be.  They also showed different purposes that drones provide.

There was a speaker from the FFA to talk about the new laws for drone flying.  A local farmer was talking about the advantages of drones and some expensive software that would show the health of crops and how farmers could use it to increase crop growth.

The final events of the day included a free style competion where they would be some awesome aerial tricks and some amazing manovers.  The day finished off with a series of races through obstacles.  These guys were able to make their drones fly at speeds over 50 MPH and move in some tight spots.

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Caleb had started this event and need an online pressance to promaote his event.  We were able to create a site that showcased what it was going to be and all of their sponsers. We built his site in Adobe Muse.  He only wanted a 1 page site and keep it simple.   With the site and promotion of drones  they had compoitors from Colorado and all the way from Florida come by.

Here is the recap video that Caleb put together of the event

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