How to Create Custom Nameservers for Your VPS

How to Create Custom Nameservers for Your VPS

It can be confusing and a little tough to have your VPS to control the DNS of your domains. We show you how to create custom nameservers. It is pretty easy. You will get your domains working on your VPS in a matter of minutes.

Tutorial Show Notes Below

Access WHM

Go ahead and access WHM via your hosting company or https://IPaddress:2087. IPaddress is the primary IP for your virtual private server (VPS).

In the upper left-hand corner there should be a search field. In that search field type in create. You will now see a shorter list of choices on the left-hand column. Click on “Create a New Account.”

WHM Cpanel VPS Create

Creating CPanel

You are now going to fill in the required information for CPanel.

  • Domain Name
  • Username
  • Password
  • Re-type Password
  • Email
  • Choose a Package (Default if you have not created your own package. We will cover this on the next Wednesday tutorial.)
  • Choose Mail Routing Settings (Automatically, Local or Remote. This is what the server does with emails generated by the website.)

The username and password are also the primary FTP credentials.  With these, you can access the CPanel account remotely. You would go to Then enter the username and password and now you have access to CPanel.

Creating username password cpanel VPS

There it is. That is how you create Cpanel on a Linux VPS. One last tip is to make sure you create a Cpanel account for every website on your VPS. Yes, you can have multiple domains/website on one Cpanel but it is easier to maintain and keep different clients separate.

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