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Every business needs and wants a website that looks great, but doing business online is more than just the visual presentation. Websites allow consumers to get information about a business. They can also be used to conduct transactions.  Your website serves a specific function for your business. Because every business is unique, each websites should be designed as such. UV Design takes into account all elements of website design to create a functional website for your company.

You want your customers and visitors to be able to see your site no matter what device they are using to get there. This is why having a responsive website is crucial for every business. This means that each page should adjust accordingly to the platform on which your customer is viewing the site. If you’ve ever browsed on a smart phone, you’ve probably been able to easily identify websites that have not been mobile or tablet optimized. If you’re anything like us, you probably didn’t stay on that site for very long. UV Design optimizes every website for computer, mobile, and tablet use so your customers enjoy and experience your website. We take the time to ensure that each version of your site is visually stunning and efficiently presents all of your business’s information no matter what kind of device is used.

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Website Optimization

When we write your content, we don’t just write for the individuals viewing it. Search engines use content and keywords to drive traffic to your site. Based on a website’s content, search engine algorithms decide where every site ranks when potential viewers search for keywords. UV Design uses the most current optimization theory when we design your site. Keeping up with the search engine criteria means we can help your site get found. In addition to content optimization, each website created by UV Design is set up with Google Analytics and the Google Webmaster Tool.

In addition to helping search engines find your site, your content should be written for your readers.  Readers should want to visit more than just your home page. Each and every page should hold a viewer’s attention and make them want to visit more pages and to get more information. An effective website design will ensure that your potential consumers spend a significant amount of time on your website. We do this because we realize that a lawyer’s site is going to require a different writing style than that of a restaurant. Thus, UV Design provides content that is targeted for your website’s audience.

With UV Design building your website,

you can trust that all of the elements discussed on this page are utilized to their highest potential. Your website will be visually stunning and responsive across platforms. The content is written both for search engines and for your viewers, bringing people to and keeping them on your website.

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