6 Plugins for WordPress You Must Have

6 Must Have WordPress Plugins

There are thousands of different WordPress plugins to choose from. Some plugins are for certain websites. Some plugins just do not work. We have used a lot of plugins ourselves over the years. Today we show you the 6 plugins that we use on every install of WordPress.

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This is a plugin that helps with spam on your website. If you have comments available on your site then this is a must. Every day you don’t have this or any other spam protection, you will receive comments talking about SEO and other nonsense.

Once you have activated the plugin, you will be prompt for the API key. You will just follow the link, which will take you to wordpress.com. Here there are several different payment options ranging from free to a couple hundred dollars. The free one works great. Once you have chosen the plan for you, then you just check out and then get taken back to your WordPress dashboard.

There are several options you can tweak. You can have the software automatically delete spam comments. This starts working right away.

WHM Cpanel VPS Create


Optimus is a great plugin that compresses your images. You might have resized your images correctly for web display but sometimes there is still some optimization still needed. It will make several different versions of the image, so once you add the main image it will choose the correct size. It will also reduce the size of the image. This can be very helpful when adding a lot of images to your website.

Once it is activated and you already have images on your site. Just go to the media section and then opitmize images. It will scan all images already uploaded and do its thing. After that all images loaded after Optimus has been acitvated will automaccically compress for you.

Creating username password cpanel VPS

There it is. That is how you create Cpanel on a Linux VPS. One last tip is to make sure you create a Cpanel account for every website on your VPS. Yes, you can have multiple domains/website on one Cpanel but it is easier to maintain and keep different clients separate.

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video transcript

Today on UV Design Tips and Tricks we talk WordPress plugins.

If this is the first time you’re watching a UV Design Tips and Tricks video, I’d like to say thank you. I appreciate it. And if this is a second time or a third time or a fourth I appreciate that also. I appreciate everyone that’s watching this video right now, and if you haven’t yet make sure you go ahead and hit that subscribe button.

We like to put out a lot of content that we believe is helpful for you. I have previous knowledge in making WordPress sites for myself and for other people and I’ve had several years in hosting experience working for a hosting company, a pretty major one, and understanding what a lot of people have issues with, with understanding how websites work, how cPanel works, how VPS works, and that’s what we’re here to do. To provide you knowledge so you just know. Knowledge is power they say, right?

So, let’s get started today. So today’s tutorial we’re going to keep going on with the Fix It In Post Films website and now you have a child theme created. You have your divi theme picked out, or any theme that you have picked up, cause this video will still be not really down that rabbit hole with divi, cause we go down that rabbit hole it’s kind of hard to get out of it because I’m not going to show you how to make a website with 50 different themes. I don’t have time for that. I’m sorry. But anywho, this is what the default WordPress site will look like once you activate the divi theme. And let’s get started with some plugins.

6 Must Have WordPress Plugins Website Design


All right, there are a couple plugins that I recommend. You have the Akismet, Akismet, Akismet anti spam one. You’ll have to activate it and then you’ll have to get API code, API key, from WordPress.com. It’s pretty easy to do that. Let’s just go ahead and do that right now. Disconnect this account. Get your API key. So when you activate it for the first time this is what you’re going to see, get your API key. You’re gonna log into your WordPress.com. WordPress.com is the business site for WordPress. It’s how they make their money. WordPress.org is the free WordPress kit that you are working on, and WordPress.com offers hosting solutions.

Well, somewhat of a solution, and other things, but I heard it’s a pain in the ass to take your site off their server and some of their themes are only available on their site, so if you bring it over to whatever hosting company you do, you’re probably SOL. But hey, we’re showing you a tutorial on how to make a new theme. Not how to make a new theme but how to create a website with a theme that is available to anyone and everyone. So we’re gonna go ahead and activate this site.

Activate, activate, activate, and again what the hell is that? Every tutorial there’s something wrong. Will everything go perfect? Will everything go perfect? Will anything go perfect? You know what, we’re just gonna go ahead and steal this API key from my other website. Who cares. It’s free. Get your API key. Nope, that’s what we’re already doing. We want to click here, here connect. And perfect. Now it’s doing this, strictness, silently discard the worst and pervasive spam so I never see it, ’cause I could care less.

Wordpress plugins hosting support website design

Now, this is good Akismet, let’s explain what Akismet does. It helps spam, so you’re gonna get a bunch of spam comments, because if you don’t you’re gonna get flooded with spam. Your database is gonna grow. Your hosting server isn’t going to like it. Your company’s not going to like it. I’ve seen people with a gigabyte worth of database and then it’s all filled with spam. When they deleted it their database was only like 50 megs. So, I’ve seen this number hit over 10,000 before. People will just sort of like, oh it’s a big number. I don’t know what it means so I’m not gonna do anything about it. Well, this helps you do that.

Now this is for, you wanna use this if you’re going to have comments on your website, you know, a forums websites, discussions, anything like that. But let’s say you’re Joe the plumber, which I don’t know why you’d have a WordPress site to begin with, but Joe the plumber, if you do have a WordPress site, or any other website where it’s just more informational, get some information, don’t even use this plugin. Don’t use it. Because what’s the point? You don’t want anyone to comment, right?

You don’t want anyone to say things, whatnot, so there’s this awesome plugin. It’s pretty self-explanatory, Disable Comments. And all you do is install, activate that, and no one can comment on your site whatsoever. So you don’t need the Akismet. So you need one or the other. You choose. You make that decision. You’re an adult. You make that life decision. Limit login attempts I like, ’cause again, it could limit how many people are trying to access your site or at least the back end. You can white list IPs so it always knows yours, and it’s good to go. A bunch of other stuff. Take a look. It’s pretty nice.


One plugin that I really like is, there’s two versions of it. Optimus, I think that’s how you spell it. No that’s not how you spell it, yay. Hold on one second here people. Do do do. Okay, well I’m not sure why it’s there, so we’re just gonna do this. We’re gonna show you how to upload a plugin that you can’t find in the store. WordPress plugin, why not, right? Go in here. You’re at WordPress.org. Here’s the plugin. Click the download button. It’s a zip file. Keep the zip file. Come here, upload plugin, choose file, and find it. Oh, there it is. Oh look it’s right there. Install now. I would like to activate the plugin, yay. Let’s do that. Now that is plugged in, or that is updated, and installed and activated. It’s a free plugin.

What this does, wow, I can’t even believe that. I didn’t even explain what this plugin does. This plugin will compress your photos for you, so if you, for some reason, like to upload very large photos you need them compressed so the server can load them at a respectable time, because most high def photos are too big in file size for web browsers to load at a reasonable rate. Photographers usually upload in really high resolution.

You know, there’s really no reason that these photos need to be over, I don’t know, a couple megs, to be super honest with you. I mean, unless you just want some really like, big website where it’s just photos take full screens, you know, people are watching a, they’re not watching, they’re looking at your website at huge monitors, 4K monitors, and stuff like that. Most people are looking on their phones, and how big is your phone? Like this size of your palm.

There’s an active, there is a paid version. Don’t look, don’t look. I have my API key. The paid version’s not very much, and you can use for as many of your sites as you want. We’re gonna blur that out so you can’t see it ’cause I don’t want you using mine. Activate. What this does is allows me to integrate it with HTTPS, which all my sites do because I put an SSL on all my websites.

Google Analytics for WordPress by Monster Insights

So that’s another plugin I suggest you using. Another one is you wanna know how your website’s doing when it comes to traffic, right? So there’s multiple ones you can do out there. I like the Google Analytics for WordPress by Monster Insights. It’s nice, I use the free version. There is a paid version that gives a little more in depth. If I want more in depth I’ll just go to my master tools, but hey for a quick peruse of how my traffic is doing and to integrate that Google juice into my website I like this one.

Yoast SEO

Another one that is common is Yost for SCO. Even if you’re a, you know, an SEO expert, you still have to put in that meta description, and you know, into your website. So it’s a great way to just integrate that into it. You can try their premium. I think it’s like $70 per site. It gives you multiple key words. You can do 301 redirects and some fun stuff like this. Go ahead, allow Monster Insights. We are not going to set up Google Analytics right now because this website is not really gonna be a website after it’s all said and done, so the traffic I care, could care less about.

Ninja Forms

So you’re probably gonna have a contact form on here. I like Ninja Forms. I used to be a big Contact Form Seven guy, ’cause it was free. Oops, do I have to spell out– I think we’ve misspelled forms. What? Oh yeah, add new, duh. Add new, see, I’m have a day guys. And girls. Ninja Forms, okay, so back to my point. Contact Form 7 is free also, and you can use it, and you can style it, but I think it takes more knowledge on how to make it look like the way you want to, and I used to use it all the time. I mean it was great. Ninja Forms was like, ehhh, I don’t know about Ninja Forms. I don’t know much about it and stuff.

Here is the number one reason, well, there’s multiple reasons why I like it over Contact Form 7, is that when your website creates a contact form, it submits it and your server sends it out to your email server, Contact Form Seven would not save that message. You would have to cross your fingers and hope that that message gets to your email. But what happens if there’s something wrong with your email? What happens if there’s something wrong with the server?

You don’t notice it because you’re busy doing other things. How do you even notice it? You don’t know. You wait till that customer calls you, I filled out your contact form three days ago, and you haven’t called me yet. I would like to give you 10 million dollars to buy stuff and things from you. And you’re like, oh wow, I need 10 million dollars. My contact form, why aren’t you working? Ugh, hair pull, hair pull, hair pull. Well, you can easily fix that with Contact Form 7 by using another plugin called Flamingo.

Flamingo will save that contact form into your database so you could go look at all the entries, even if it doesn’t send it to an email, or the email is not working properly, it gets instantly created. That’s two plugins to do two different things. Ninja Form has that built into it automatically for you. Now, it is a little bit different than most, but you know what, hey, everything’s different. You learn, and you get it going. So I recommend that as your contact. There’s multiple other ones out there. You know, so it’s up to you what you want to use. Let’s see here.

That’s probably gonna be it for the basic plugins to use. Let’s just use these for now. We might install some later. But I say if you’re going to build a website you will need these guys. I would say out of the most important one in here, if I had to recommend one over any other one, because there’s alternatives, I like the Optimus. I think, let’s that, let’s call it that one. Let’s go with that one. There’s a bunch of other plugins. I think Lazy Load, other ones that do that. I like this one. It seems pretty lightweight, does the job, haven’t had complaints. After it compresses I run my metrics test, and they all come back great. So, yeah, works pretty fantastic.

Let’s give it a whirl real quick. So media. We’re going to add new because we can. Select file, and let’s look at this one. Properties, it’s just a 3.87 megabyte file. Details, 2048 by 2476, again this picture is way too big for the Internet, but we’re just gonna prove a point here. It’s going to sit here and compress it. Now it does take a while for it to compress this image, because it’s doing a lot of things and stuff. It’s doing compression and it’s making this image better for the inter webs. So just be patient young pupils out there, WordPress stars. You guys, you guys are WordPress stars, yeah you are. Ugh, that was a little creepy, sorry. Compress away.

All right, so this is 100%, 100%, 100%, and it’s not really 100%. We’ll give it a little bit, some more second here, ’cause usually you should see the thumbnail already on the left hand side. Hurry up. Hurry up. Hurry up. So while we wait, what are some of the plugins you guys like using? There’s so many of them out there that I don’t know them all. I don’t use them all.

The biggest plugin out there that I know of WooCommerce, or one of the big ones, I’ve never used. I’ve never built an e-commerce site for someone. Don’t tell them that. Don’t say, Carl has never built an e-commerce site. But hey, that’s what my clients, not everyone sells something on the web. I sell services. You go to my website, you contact me, I’ll consult you. So that’s why I’ve never used WooCommerce. Nothing against it, just never built an e-commerce site for someone, and look, they’re we’re done. Boom, bam, it’s on there, media. And that beautiful image of that baby from a stock photo company I use, all rights for free, is right there.

So those are some plugins that I will be using on this tutorial. Akismet we really won’t ever technically be using. It’s actually being used all the time, no spam. Google Analytics by WordPress by Monster Insights. Google Analytics for WordPress by Monster Insights. To see some of that beautiful data from your website traffic and let’s see I think I have mine pulled up from one of my other sites that just has random information. You have to authenticate your Google account. We’re not gonna do that. But real quick here’s one of them, so you can see basically what it looks like.

A bunch of ups and downs, up and downs, ups and downs, here’s page views and stuff like that. Very basic. Tells you what pages have the most views, and direct how they got there, what countries, and all that beautiful stuff. Again, it’s pretty nice overall view of it to see what’s going on with your website and stuff and things. So again you can check out more, or they have a pro edition. More, more information, ’cause information is key to growing your business, right? I just personally use Google Analytics for more information.

Limit Login Attempts

Plugins, go back. Limit login attempts. Again, it’s a way to protect yourself, so people don’t sit there and try to jam into your website. Ninja Forms, it’s what we use for our contact form. Again, we’ll go more in depth into it once we actually start building a website. Optimus, it compresses photos, makes images better sized for the inter webs and your viewing devices.

Yoast SEO, I guess it’s probably the best SCO plugin out there. It’s pretty great, even if you’re an SCO expert. I am not. I know stuff and things, but I’m not an expert. It will help generate site maps. It will help generate your meta descriptions so when people Google you can see things. Again, we’ll go over all of that stuff. So here are six plugins that I use for WordPress.

So guys, if you guys liked the video, I would love if you hit the like button and share it to your friends and family so they can view it with their eyes, and have the same power that you do. Or don’t. Hold that power over them, so they come to you for everything. Hit the subscribe button. I would love for you to subscribe, and get more videos. Like I said Mondays, WordPress, Wednesdays, hosting tips and tricks. Great stuff for everyone. Again, thank you so much for watching. Til next time, later.

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