Choosing A WordPress Theme That Works

What Type of WordPress Theme is Right for You

Choosing a WordPress theme can be difficult. There are thousands and thousands to choose from. Also many different features that come packaged with the theme. Understanding what type of support you can from the developer of that theme.

We go over some of the more popular WordPress themes. Letting you know some basics when looking into a WordPress theme. Also letting you know what theme we prefer.

Tutorial Show Notes Below

Access WHM

Go ahead and access WHM via your hosting company or https://IPaddress:2087. IPaddress is the primary IP for your virtual private server (VPS).

In the upper left-hand corner there should be a search field. In that search field type in create. You will now see a shorter list of choices on the left-hand column. Click on “Create a New Account.”

WHM Cpanel VPS Create

Creating CPanel

You are now going to fill in the required information for CPanel.

  • Domain Name
  • Username
  • Password
  • Re-type Password
  • Email
  • Choose a Package (Default if you have not created your own package. We will cover this on the next Wednesday tutorial.)
  • Choose Mail Routing Settings (Automatically, Local or Remote. This is what the server does with emails generated by the website.)

The username and password are also the primary FTP credentials.  With these, you can access the CPanel account remotely. You would go to Then enter the username and password and now you have access to CPanel.

Creating username password cpanel VPS

There it is. That is how you create Cpanel on a Linux VPS. One last tip is to make sure you create a Cpanel account for every website on your VPS. Yes, you can have multiple domains/website on one Cpanel but it is easier to maintain and keep different clients separate.

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video transcript

Today on UV Design, tips and tricks. We talk about themes in Word Press. All right, so continuing our Word Press tutorial. We created a child theme in our last one, but we should have probably started with picking a theme to make a child theme for. But hey, we do things backwards here because I can. So anyways, there’s thousands and thousands of themes you can choose from, endless searches. Plenty of different websites and creators throughout the world that create themes. You have is basically a store for themes plugins, just not even Word Press. A bunch of other stuff they have. Video section, audio section, graphics, stuff that’s already laid out. You can type out anything you want. Comic book theme, Word Press. I don’t know why I chose comic book, but hey, I did. And so anyways, you get a lot of stuff that’s magazines, book styles, things that are related to comic books. Maybe that’s what you want your website to talk about. So there’s plenty of stuff here. It’s a great resource to get a lot of different stuff.

Choose the right wordpress theme

Theme Forest

Now, I used this for two-and-a-half years or so, maybe a little bit more, a little bit less, it doesn’t really matter. But what you do is, you just pay for. You go to Theme Forest, you pay for this company’s theme and there’s a price. This price can be, I’ve seen $20, I’ve seen a couple $100. It all depends on what the theme person, not theme person, jeez. The theme developer wants to charge and then of course, and then Theme Forest keeps their portion of it and stuff.

Here’s the downfall, is this money they use is for support, so you can get updates, which is great, I understand. You’re trying to support the developers and stuff, but most of the time, this is only good for six months. You can extend it for 12 months for another price, but if you don’t, in six months, you’ve got to renew for somewhere between this price and this price. Again, these are all varied depending on the theme and what’s included and stuff like that.

So you know, at first you’re like, oh, that’s fine. If you’re a one-person website. One-person website. If you’re creating one website for yourself, not that bad. But once you start developing websites for other people, you know, maybe you have some friends that want to, this money starts adding up really quickly. I mean, I was probably spending $5, $600 a year. Theme Forest doesn’t seem like a lot, but this just starts adding up, especially when, okay, that was for like, 10 clients. What happens when I get to 20? What happens when I get to 50?

Wordpress Theme Hosting Cpanel Website Design

So that’s why I was just thinking at the time. I still didn’t find an alternate solution or anything like that, so I’m still doing it. Plus, each theme was different. I kind of had to learn the ins and outs of every theme. I was trying to find one theme that I could base everything off of for every client. Now once in a while, I have to choose a different theme because that client’s website needs to be very particular and stuff, but for the most part, I’m pretty good at keeping using the one theme I am using normally.

Sorry for that delay. But anyways, there’s other great things about these themes. They’re packaged with other plugins and stuff like Visual Composer, Rev Slider, other super popular plugins that would cost you money, but you are able to get that packaged in. Again, it’s great, but the downfall is you do not get the most updated version of that plugin.

I don’t know if it’s due to contracts or how it works because I haven’t developed a theme and I haven’t chosen to and I will not at this time, but those plugins are always going to be added dates. So you got Word Press telling you Rev Slider is out of date, Visual Composer is out of date. Log in to get the most updated version. Well, you can’t login into Visual Composer or Rev Slider unless you have their API license key, which you can get from Theme Forest.

Let’s just do Rev Slider. So if you’re using Rev Slider and you like it, it’s a great slider, but where is it at? Shows you how much you can go to this website anymore. I don’t even know, doesn’t even matter. It’s like, 20 bucks, I think. Oh, there we go, plugins. Rev Slider. And it’s probably, it’s called Revolutionary Slider, I think. Ah. So anyways, this is great. Screwing up the tutorial when I’m not even started. Anyways, there we go, Revolutionary Slider. It is 25 bucks, so if you wanted the most updated version of the plugin, you would have to spend 25 bucks for six months and then $8, so this is on top of the price that you paid for your theme and if you have any other plugins.

Slider Revolution WordPress Theme Website Design

So that’s if you wanted to most updated version, functionality, security, and stuff like that, which we always recommend you keep everything up to date. There is a reason why those updates come out for more than functionality. They come out for security because hackers are going to hack. I feel a song, but anyways. So yes, make sure to keep the stuff updated all the time.

Now again, Theme Forest, it’s good single site, but once you start making other sites for a lot of people, it gets really expensive. Yes, you should be including these prices in your client’s pricing packages and stuff like that, but it’s a big hassle. You have to come up, download API keys, expirations, keep all that organized, so blah. That’s not me. I’m lazy.


A couple other big themes that a lot of people are pretty familiar with or that are more popular is that in Enfold, I just know that’s a pretty popular one from my hosting days. I’ve seen a lot of people on their website. I couldn’t tell you the pluses or minuses of it. It’s pretty popular, so take a look around. I should probably explain a little bit more to it, but hey, I don’t use it, so it’s okay. They got 124,000 sales and over 10,000 comments, so yeah, it must be pretty popular. I guess, right? Numbers mean things.

ENfold WordPress Theme Website Design Cedar Rapids Iowa


Then you have the Avada theme. This one is probably the most popular one I have seen, especially a lot of web client. Or web clients, jeez. Web developer companies, they use this a lot it seems like. It works for them. Again, I think these are a lot of variations of the same theme. I personally have never used it, but it’s pretty popular. I do know if you go through Theme Forest, at one point they were packaging Visual Composer, but someone told me Avada came up with their own building tool and stuff, but then again, I’m pretty sure this is, let’s go by now. This is a per-website license. And again, I didn’t mention this before, but this price is for one website.

So again, if you use this and you have 10 clients, you are paying $600 six months for the support of that. $600 for six months for 10 websites. Seems like a lot of money, right? One year, that’s worth $1,200 that you’re spending. I don’t know, seems like a lot of money, but if it’s what you use, if it’s what you like, great. I’m not going to judge because, eh. Why would I? I don’t care what the hell you use. Use whatever your heart desires. And so that’s Avada.

Elegent Themes

Now about a year ago, I found this, stumbled upon Google, just did Word Press themes, Word Press developers and stuff like that. Stumbled upon Elegant Themes. And this is what I’ve been using now for 10 months, maybe a year now. But, it’s great because it’s pretty lightweight. And what I mean by lightweight is when you install it and you use it, it doesn’t drag your website down. It doesn’t eat up a lot of resources to make the website run. But I mean, that’s not the number one feature I like. Well, there’s two features that I really like.

So up here, you have themes. They have a bunch of different themes that you can choose from and everything, so it’s great. Divi is probably their number one theme that people use all the time. And right before I started, they were coming out with this new, exciting thing. They had 100 days worth of tutorials in launch of Divi 3.0. And here is what Divi 3.0 does. It is a built-in composer, builder page, however you want to say it, built into the theme itself so you don’t need an extra plugin to have this amazing tool at your fingertips.

Divi WordPress Theme Website Design Iowa City

Basically, you can sit there and design Word Press and look at exactly what you’re doing, knowing what things are changing and stuff on it. I mean, this is a pretty good example of how it’s working and stuff, so it’s great. It’s pretty easy. I don’t think there’s a huge learning curve to it. Maybe a little bit, but eh. If you’re learning Word Press, you’re learning a curve anyway, so what’s another small curve on top of it?

Now that’s great, and how do you purchase this? Let’s say you just want Divi and how do I purchase this? Well, you don’t go to Theme Forest. You buy it specifically from them, so the prices are going to be probably a little bit down. Things are going to work a little bit differently, but here is the amazing thing. I don’t even know if they show the price on their site, but anyways. Go to themes. You have multiple themes you can choose from at your disposal. You also have plugins. I’m going to get to the point of the price here in a second.

Divi Builder

You have the Divi builder, so let’s say you’re not using the Divi theme, but you want to use this building tool on another theme, they allow you to use a plugin to make that happen. This email opt-in tool, so you know you want to grow your subscriber list for your blog or your e-commerce. This is a great tool, or you can link it up with your Mail Chimp, any other type of mail client marketing campaigns that has pop in and out feature, great marketing tools. Monarch social sharing gives you the opportunity to have like, social icons here on the site at the bottom where people can share your pages and stuff. There is other plugins also, but those are the three.

Divi Builder Wodpress Theme Des Moines Website Design

So you have plugins and these themes. Divi offers this at one, well, two price points. You can pay yearly for $80 or $90 every year and you can use it on as many sites as you want. Again, $80 or $90 a year and you can use it for as many sites as you want. So if you have 1,000 websites, you can use this same API subscription key that you use on all of them, part of their terms and conditions. Amazing. I don’t know how people are not all using this platform. I mean, you save so much money so you can either A, have more profit in your bank because you’re not wasting all this money at Theme Forest and other third-party sites, or you can lower the cost of your build.

I’m going to assume people are just going to keep the money as a profit. They also have a lifetime subscription for like $300 or something. I’m about to upgrade to that. I don’t know why I haven’t. I’m just lazy, I guess. But anyways, it’s going to be like 300 bucks and it’s a lifetime subscription. I mean, how crazy is that? If you have any themes on, or if you’re going to use any other themes from anywhere else, you’re going to easily pay $300 over a course of one year if you’re designing, let’s just say five websites and you’re going through Theme Forest or some other third-party client. You are going to spend more than $300. So you know, I think this is definitely worth the money.

So this is what we’re going to use. Again, use whatever you like. Obviously now, the rest of my tutorials are going to be kind of driven on the Divi theme and the Divi builder. Again, if you don’t have the Divi theme, you can use it for something else on a different theme so they allow you to do it. So yeah, so we’re going to keep working with and keep building that site on here. This is, obviously, the Divi theme. This is just a demo content site that they allow you to download for restaurants and you can mix and match what you want inside of here. They kind of give you an easy, great-looking site. It’s pretty polished. Not pretty polished, it is pretty. I said pretty again. It is polished for sure. Just go in, replace everything in here for yourself.

Divi Demo WordPress Theme Iowa Website Design

What I also should say is, Divi has a great, excuse me, ugh. Indigestion. Divi has a great blogging section. They put out two to three articles every day about random stuff. I mean, it’s not random. It’s all has, you know, thought behind it and stuff, but you know, now they’re talking about weddings on here, but they’re also talking about scalable websites, SEO.

There are different companies out here that make Divi plugins and child themes themselves, so they talk about those companies because again, they want their Divi community to be huge, so if they’re help promoting other sites that help support them, they’re going to talk about it and show you what makes them amazing. They talk about a bunch of stuff all the time. There are just loads and loads of content. 160 pages they have, so you can spend forever looking at the stuff. Great, useful stuff. You can find articles from 2015 that still work today. It’s amazing, so you can spend some time.

So again, Divi is the way I go. I’m not saying it’s the best. It’s the one I choose. You choose whatever you want. Check it out. Again, they have great amounts of stuff here, so it is just a bunch of reading and seeing what your website needs are. So yeah, I like to know what website that you are working on, or what theme that you’re using and what makes it great for you, so leave the comments down below and don’t forget to subscribe and like the video. Next week, we’re going to be actually starting diving into the Divi theme and seeing how it works and how the builder works itself. So don’t forget to subscribe and hit the like and we will talk to you next time. Later.

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