Integrate WordPress with Google Analytics

How to Integrate WordPress with Google Analytics

Do you know who is visiting your website? Do you know how long people are staying there? Today we show you how easy it is to create a Google Analytics account and integrate it into your WordPress website.

To successfully market your website and company you need to ask some basic questions:

1. Who is your target market?

2. What is the purpose of your site?  

3. When are people visiting your site?

4. How are people getting there?

This data is crucial to figuring out how to market your site to increase visibility and drive traffic to your website. Google Analytics is an easy tool to gather all of that information.

You will be able to take the information from this tutorial and create your own Google Analytics account.

Tutorial Show Notes Below

Setting Up Google Anytlics

If you have not setup up a Google Analytics account, first head over to Google Analytics and get started. Once you are signed in you will follow these next steps.

  • Click Admin
  • Under Account, click the drop down and choose “create new account”
  • Fill in the Account Name – Account Name is for the business name. “But what if I have 20 different locations?” you ask? This is for the Company Name. So if Bob’s Pizza has 20 locations, they’re still known as “Bob’s Pizza.” The next step will help you with distinguishing between business locations.
  • Fill In Website Name – Website Name allows you to distinguish between branches or locations. For example, Store 102 Bob’s Pizza. This will be called a “Property.” You can create more “Properties” later once you have the account set up.
  • Fill in Website URL – You will enter the website URL for business here. It will that particular store’s website or if all branches/locations use the same site you will use the URL for the entire business.
  • Choose Industry Category – Choose the closest match to your business
  • Choose the Time Zone in which your Property is located.
  • You can leave the Data Sharing at its default settings, but you can read what each one does and decide for yourself.
  • Click Tracking ID

You’re done! Google Analytics is ready to go for your website. Now that you have finished your setup, your site will have been assigned a tracking ID that looks something like: UA-xxxxxxxx-x. This is the number you will need for WordPress integration.

Setting Up Your Free Google Analytics Account

Add Additional Properties

If you need to add more Properties to Google Analytics

  • Click – Admin
  • Under Account choose your Property name (Store 202 Bobs Pizza)
  • Under Property drop-down (middle column) choose – Create New Property
Add More Properties To Google

Add Tracking ID to WordPress

There are several different Analytics plug-ins you can use for WordPress. I personally like Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights.  It is very clean and simple to use.  It shows a great quick dashboard of basic data.  They do have premium add ons which you can check out for more information once if you need more data.

After you have installed Mosterinsights,

  • Go to settings for  Insights
  • Click – “Authenticate with your Google Account”
  • Click – “Next”
  • Click – “Click to Get Google Code”
  • Choose the Google account that you have setup your Google Analytics under
  • Copy the crazy, long auto generated Code
  • Paste where it says to Paste Google Code in
  • Choose from the drop-down menu your Google Analytics that you want to integrate into your WordPress site
  • Click  – Next
Intergrate Google Analytics into WordPress

You now will have tracking data being stored by Google Analytics. This is a must for your business to succeed in the online world. We will talk about the data and how to read and understand the traffic in a later tutorial. Make sure to subscribe for more great videos!

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